Cracked Pepper Beef jerky

Cracked Pepper Beef jerky

Cracked Pepper Beef jerky

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Cracked Pepper has the taste you want with a lil garlic sweetness mixed with natural hickory smoked flavor overpowered by the bite of the black pepper.

Do not let your self down and buy this jerky to experience jerky bliss.


Both flavors of the bacon jerky were very tasty. I Just ordered the turkey jerky flavors next! Cant wait!!


10 out of 10. Awesome tasting jerky. shipping was fast too!


I ordered the ultimate jerkysack and I loved all of the Flavors. Really loved the Spicy ones the best


Love this jerky. Will definitely buy from these guys again


Just tried the Flavor of the month "whiskey bent beef jerky" and it was amazing! The flavor was good, also very tender.


Do yourself a favor and order JerkySacks. Just received mine and 10/10

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