Spicy Beef Jerky Sack

Spicy Beef Jerky Sack

Spicy Beef Jerky Sack

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Can you handle the heat?

If you like a little heat on the snack menu....or a lot, this is the perfect sack for you. Grab a friend or a family member and enjoy!

This sack includes

    1. Carolina Creeper (Extreme heat)

Be ready for your taste buds to be lit on fire🔥 Our Carolina creeper is not for the faint of heart with its jerky marinated in Carolina reaper mash! Its extreme heat will have you wiping your brow and reaching for the nearest drink.

    2. Smoky Sriracha style (Mild Heat)

If you love the signature sriracha flavor then this jerky is exactly what you would expect with its spicy mouth melting beef jerky. Don't forget to grab a friend and the drink of your choice to enjoy the heat.

    3. "Oh" That's Hot! (Mild Heat)

Take a ride on the spicy side with this mouth scorcher. "Oh" That's Hot is guaranteed to give your taste buds the heat they need with a hint of sweet. When you grab this jerkysack and have the first taste, your taste buds with be thanking you.


Both flavors of the bacon jerky were very tasty. I Just ordered the turkey jerky flavors next! Cant wait!!


10 out of 10. Awesome tasting jerky. shipping was fast too!


I ordered the ultimate jerkysack and I loved all of the Flavors. Really loved the Spicy ones the best


Love this jerky. Will definitely buy from these guys again


Just tried the Flavor of the month "whiskey bent beef jerky" and it was amazing! The flavor was good, also very tender.


Do yourself a favor and order JerkySacks. Just received mine and 10/10

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